Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfer 16, week 5 (May 18, 2015)

Hey everyone, how's it going?

Sorry I didn't write last week - we were kind of busy, and I had Skyped and I forgot.

Actually, I'm kind of short on time this week as well, but I'll do what I can.

We FINALLY ended up meeting a former investigator named 윤남 (Yunnam) - he called us suddenly one day to ask us to meet. He seemed pretty normal, interested in religion, but busy. He said he's willing to meet if he has time but he's just not sure how much time he has.

이진산 (I Jinsan) came back out to church, as did 이예진s (Sis. I Yejin) and her friend, so that was good. We've got a sports activity day planned for the 25th (Monday, which is Buddah's birthday and everyone gets time off of work and school), and we're hoping they all come. It'll be good to be able to finally spend some time outside of church meeting with 이진산b (Bro. I Jinsan). A student from English class wants to come too, and we've got a few other people to invite to. The ward promised to work hard to make the meeting fun if we promised to invite a lot of people, so we're on the case!

I told you that we were going to go to an amusement park today, but it ended up raining. It took a looooooot of phone calls, but we decided to just cancel that and hang out at the stake center. There was a lot of nothing going on at first, but we managed to get organized enough to play party games (mafia, a few rhythm/speed type games) and order a bunch of fried chicken to the church to eat. It was really good considering that was just a plan b we came up with a few hours before actually doing it. It was really nice to just spend relaxing time with people in our zone.

Other than that, not too much went on this week. We prepared a bunch of Book of Mormons with common questions -"why do I need to believe Christ?" "what happens after we die?" etc. - highlighted and marked to give out as a 전도 (jeondo = contacting) activity, but then we decided that we took too much effort and time to just give those out to people who weren't super interested. So we saved them and will slowly give them out as we talk to people on streets and stuff.

Thank you so much for everything! Until next week!

Elder Luke

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